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GoDesk is a chat based helpdesk

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Pre Stay

Guest Preferences - Receive guest preferences even before guest check-in
Up Sell - Up sell your hotel rooms, just in time

In Stay

Guest Messaging - Auto send welcome message, wifi info on check-in.
Promotions - Cross sell Spa/Lounge bar/Themed restaurants, just in time

Post Stay

Guest Feedback - Automatically receive guest feedback during check-out.
TripAdvisor - Send TripAdvisor link of your hotel to all happy guest, just in time

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How Does It Work?


Communicate & Co-ordinate

Timely communcation is at the heart of delightful guest experience

Internal chat group

Having a unified view of the customer and their needs is a absolute must to deliver customer delight. You and your team will be part of an internal chat group to develop a unified view of your guest

Guest Preferences

Receive all the guest preferences right inside the chat group even before the guest checks-in. Now, you can complete the pre-checkin even before the guest arrives. Guests can just walkin, receive the key and head to the room, no queues, no wait times

Guest Messaging

Receive guest requests and concerns inside the group post check-in. Respond back to the guest right from the group. This ensures, there are no requests which are unattended

Guest feedback

Receive guest feedback in the group post check-out. This provides a transparent view of their stay experience to all the staff inside the hotel

Guest Service On WhatsApp

Wow your guest by being where they are - On WhatsApp

Automated WhatsApp messages

Send welcome message, thank you message, WiFi username/password to guests on guest whatsApp automatically

Offers and Promotions

Sell your Spa/Lounge bar/Themed restaurants better by sending customized offers to guests on their whatsApp just in time

Service recovery

Guest can now use their WhatsApp and speak to the staff and management for queries and concerns. This helps the staff to perform service recovery while the guest is still at the hotel. This also ensures there are no negative fallouts in the online review

Internal Feedback & Online Review

Enable your guests to become your online brand champions

Simple feedback interface

No email, no website link, no app download. A dedicated mobile tablet captures feedback in a jiffy


Feedbacks are sent to internal team members the moment customer submits it. This enables staff to contact customers personally before they step out of premises.

Dashboard and Reports

Analyze customer experience trends over timeline. Extract reports in xls and pdf formats

TripAdvisor and Email responses

Automatically identify happy guest and send them your hotel's TripAdvisor link to share great reviews. Send personal emails to unhappy guests about corrective actions taken, leading to trust and loyalty

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